One day not too long ago we decided to create a social network where you cannot talk about yourself. We wanted to rise above self-promotion and connect with people in a more meaningful way. Throughout the process of designing and launching Pollenate, we came to discover that there are a lot people who feel the same way. Like us, they understand that by looking for the best in others, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself.

People are Making Social Networks Feel Lonely

Social technology is at the center of some of our most important cultural conversations. While many champion the idea of unplugging, the reality is that disconnection is no longer an option. To reinforce how the routine of social technology diminishes what the platforms can add to our lives, I mailed trash to my Facebook friends.

Public Letters

I penned words of gratitude for a few important people in my life and published them without directly notifying the recipient. These letters are public works intended to communicate that every moment matters, if for no other reasons than because you never know what someone else will carry with them as a keepsake for the time you shared together.

Experimenting with Failure

One of my favorite writers makes a habit of pulling failure close, then writing about it. In an effort to embrace the topic (and my fear), I asked my friends if they would join me in a public conversation about failure.

Detroit's Bankruptcy Gets Personal

The day after Detroit filed for municipal bankruptcy, I invited my parents to join me for a short trip to visit the hospital where I was born. This is the story of our first trip to Detroit in 25 years.

My name is Travis. I finish the things that I start.


I am the Co-founder of Pollenate, where I lead strategic planning, creative direction and product development. Before creating Pollenate, I practiced corporate law at Linklaters in London and completed a JD/MBA from Duke University.

This site is less a portfolio than it is a mission statement. I created it to share a few of the side projects that I find interesting and engaging -- I like to think of them as mini experiments. These days my experiments are grounded in gratitude. I believe that it is a unifying force which brings out the best in us. I started Pollenate to spread that message.

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